Audi launches new 2.0L Q5 TDI in India @ Rs 39.05 lakhs

Audi’s new Q5 2.0L TDI has been launched in India at Rs 39,05,000 (Ex-Showroom, Maharashtra). Audi will start 2011 Q5 2.0 TDI delivery to Indian buyers from April, 2011. The new Audi SUV features a 2.0 TDI engine which provides better efficiency and performance.
2.0 TDI engine generates 170 bhp and 350 Nm torque which is mated with a 7 speed automatic S tronic transmission to provide a wonderful driving experience. Michael Perschke, Head – Audi Indi, stated, “We are confident that the addition of the powerful 2.0 TDI q engine to the Audi Q5 range in India will strengthen and sustain our leadership position in the luxury SUV segment. The all new Audi Q5 2.0 TDI q, resonates higher efficiency and dynamic performance with its new engine and refreshed array of characteristics, that reflect our core brand essence of „Vorsprung durch Technik.”
Mr Perschke expects the new SUV from Audi to perform better in terms of sales and provide full customer satisfaction. Audi Q5 SUV is also available in two other variants- one with a 2.0l TFSI petrol engine and the other being a diesel one with a 3.0l TDI engine.  The German automaker, Audi has done extremely well in India last year and looks forward to repeat the same feat this year.


Russian man jailed for 6-yrs for airing porn on electronic billboard

A man in Russia has been jailed for six years after he hacked into the server of an advertising agency and made its electronic billboard show porn to motorists.
Igor Blinnikov, 41, brought Moscow traffic to a standstill after he screened the hardcore porn movie onto the advertising firm’s 20ft x 30ft billboard next to the Interior Ministry building on the Garden Ring.
Blinnikov had thought it would be fun, but the authorities were not as amused by the stunt in January 2010.
The shipyard fitter appeared in court in his home city of Novorossiysk in May on charges of selling 13 grams of marijuana, and was sentenced to five years hard labour.
And prosecutors asked for a six-year prison sentence, which the court handed down in full, for the hacking.
Confessing to the offence, Blinnikov described it as a “bad joke”.
Before his hearing, he told journalists he had hacked into the billboard using a computer at his home “just for something to do”.
“I expected a bit less,” the Daily Mail quoted him as saying about the new sentence. (ANI)

5 things to know about IE9

Software giant Microsoft has launched the latest version of its browser, Internet Explorer 9 (IE9), in India. Unveiled at TechEd India 2011, Microsoft claims that Internet Explorer 9 uses full capabilities of Windows and enables a Web that is faster, cleaner and more trusted by default.

The IE9 launch comes at a time when the race to capture browser markets share is heating up. The browser market is becoming increasingly competitive with an increasing number of devices going online every day. According to one report, when all versions of browsers are taken together, Internet Explorer leads the pack with 45% market share.

Available for download in 30 languages, the latest version of Microsoft Web browser reportedly tallied 2.3 million downloads on its first day of release.

Here’s looking into all that’s new in Microsoft’s latest browser.


Internet Explorer 9 claims to be much faster than its predecessor.

According to Microsoft, IE9’s new graphic capabilities boost the browsers’ performance. This means high-definition videos can now run smooth, graphics would be clearer and responsive and colours will be more clear, claims Microsoft.

Hardware-accelerated text, video, and graphics speed up performance and make websites perform like programmes that are installed on the computer.
The latest version of the Internet Explorer has all several design changes. The back button has gone larger, the address bar and search box are combined into one address bar, and the multiple menus from previous versions of Internet Explorer are consolidated into a single menu.
The Pinned Sites feature in IE allows users to get their favourite sites directly from the Windows taskbar without having to open the browser first.

To pin a site a user just needs to click the icon on the left of the Web address in One Box, or the tab for the website, or the website’s icon on the New Tab page, and then drag it to the taskbar.

Once a site is pinned, it shows up as its own thumbnail, separate from Internet Explorer.

The latest version of Microsoft IE comes with One Box which has the functionality of combined search and Address bar.

One Box allows users to either navigate to a website or start a search from one place. With this, users can start typing a Web address and AutoComplete helps them get to the websites quickly.

And with the integrated search functionality, users don’t have to remember the full web address.

RSOE EDIS- Real Time World Disaster & Emergency Map

ROSE EDIS is a real time world disaster & emergancy can see real tome accident and disasters.

The various icons on the map illustrate natural disasters and accidents – everything including floods, earthquakes, forest fires, volcanoes, airplane accidents, terror attacks, etc. – that are happening in various parts of the world right now.

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Wetransfer- Send Big File Upto 2GB For Free

WeTransfer is the latest free platform in transferring large files (up to 2Gb).

They cater for all kinds of files, such as presentations, photos, videos, music, documents and more. You can send any type of file.
It’s simple. Go to and select the file(s) you want to send. Fill in the receiver’s email addresses (up to 20) and your own email address. Write a message to your recipients (not mandatory). Then hit the ‘Transfer’ button, and the files are uploaded to the WeTransfer servers. Once the file(s) have reached your intended recipients, you receive an email that confirms that we have received the file(s). In that email you will also find a link to our website where you can find anything you want to know about WeTransfer. When the file(s) is downloaded, you get an email that notifies you that the recipient has received your files successfully.

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PasteBin-Easiest Way To Share Your Text

pastebin is a type of web application which allows its users to upload snippets of text, usually samples of source code, for public viewing.

It is very popular in IRC channels where pasting large amounts of text is considered bad etiquette. A vast number of pastebins exist on the Internet, suiting a number of different needs and providing features tailored towards the crowd they focus on most.
Although there are literally thousands of pastebins available, most have a common set of features. They may appear different or target a different user base, but at the core, they take an upload or text paste and provide a sharable HTTP URL which contains the body of text.

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Microsoft partners with 29 websites in India to promote Internet Explorer 9

BANGALORE: Vying for a larger share of the browser market, Microsoft India has partnered with 29 of the most popular websites in India.

The company, which recently launched its latest browser Internet Explorer 9, has partnered with websites like the group buying website SnapDeal, e-commerce site Flipkart, online booking site BookMyShow , Photovault , ESPNCricinfo , Kotak Bank , PhotoVault, Naukri , Rediff SongBuzz, Reliance Global Call, Sameer Belvalkar’s, Sify, and Zapak Games.

Globally, Microsoft has partnered with over 250 top websites and global brands that have created new experiences to show off the capabilities of Internet Explorer 9. Microsoft India unveiled the new browser at TechEd India 2011, an annual IT conference organised by Microsoft India.

The launch of Internet Explorer 9 came at a time when the race to capture browser markets share is heating up. The browser market is becoming increasingly competitive with an increasing number of devices going online every day. According to one report, when all versions of browsers are taken together, Internet Explorer leads the pack with 45% market share.