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Firefox 4 to rescue Mozilla from decline?

Mozilla launched its Firefox 4 on March 22, and since then it has more than doubled its shares, sources informed. It has been close to a week and such a success graph has brought good news for Mozilla, sources added.

Mozilla reached upto 3.7% from 1.4% since March 22. On the first day of Firefox 4’s launch it was downloaded 7.1 million times and unofficially saw 8.75 million downloads on the second day, sources reported.

Firefox was losing share in the browser market but with version 4 it has progressed almost two and a half times.

In comparison Internet Explorer’s newest version reportedly is off to a slow start as it only increased six tenths of a percentage point of usage share. But still IE9 too has done better with double the share in two weeks after its launch.

Though both the new versions of the browsers are doing well, experts are not sure if these numbers have taken a toll on their older versions usage shares.

According to sources, Both Mozilla and Microsoft are losing to Google and Apple, and any good numbers comes as a ray of hope for them


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